Scam Alerts

Sales Tactics Focus on Drinking Water

The City of Garland Water Department often receives information that an internet company has advertised water testing services for water customers in North Texas.  Wes Kucera, managing director of Garland Water and Wastewater Utilities, reminds residents to be alert.

“It is important for our water customers to know that the Garland Water Utilities Department works continuously to monitor and test our drinking water from the supplier pipeline all the way to the customer’s tap,” said Wes. “Our daily tests and our recent annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) show that all test results are within safe limits for drinking water.”

The company advertising the independent tests state that they are supported by the Texas Water Utilities Association (TWUA). When contacted, the TWUA confirmed they have no affiliation with this company. In addition, the company’s contact information and location are missing from the Test My Water website. Our drinking water in Garland continues to be rated “Superior” by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality. Companies claiming that the drinking water needs to be tested by an outside source are usually trying to sell consumers an unnecessary and expensive filtration system for their home.

If you have any questions about your drinking water, always turn to your local water department for help. Learn more by calling 972-205-3210. City of Garland residents are encouraged to be on the alert and recognize any suspicious contact with a City of Garland Water Department employee requesting access into their home. Periodically complaints are received where individuals are posing as city of Garland employees, in an attempt to gain access into the home to rob the customer.

Methods Which Have Been Used in The Past

  • Testing of Your Water for Quality - City of Garland Water customers should beware of anyone requesting access into their home to test their water pressure or water quality. Occasionally, Water Department employees have a legitimate need to request access to a customer's home. The customer should always ask to see the employees City Employee photo identification.
  • Refund Scams - In the past, impostors have indicated that a resident is due a refund on their account. They ask the resident to provide change for a $100 bill in order to receive the refund, and then rob them of the money. The City of Garland Water Department never gives cash refunds. All refunds are issued as a credit on the water bill.

Residents who are approached by anyone representing themselves as city employees should ask to see identification. All employees carry photo identification cards and will be driving a clearly marked city vehicle. If a resident needs to confirm someone is a Water Department employee, they should call our 24/7 operations center at 972-205-3210. Always remember if a person's actions make you suspicious, don't hesitate to contact the police.