Street Department


1775 Gasoline Alley
Garland, TX 75040



Link: Street Department Page

Monday through Friday
7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Excluding Holidays

Additional Resource: Garland eAssist

Name Title Email Phone
Carrillo, Miguel Street Construction Field Supervisor 972-205-3564
Dunman, Donnie Street Construction Supervisor 972-205-3568
Hamill, Alan Stormwater/Drainage Field Supervisor 972-205-3563
Henderson, Billy Street Equipment Maintenance Supervisor 972-205-3555
Henderson, Kevin Street Maintenance Field Supervisor 972-205-3561
Jackson, John Stormwater/Drainage Crew Leader 972-205-3563
Johnson, Willie Street Maintenance Crew Leader 972-205-3561
Karlovich, Dustin Public Works Inspector II 972-205-3789
Knapp, Cody Pavement Supervisor 972-205-3745
Lee, Scott Pavement Inspection Technician 972-205-3788
Mack, Renaldo Heavy Equipment Crew Leader 972-205-3561
McGee, Joey Street Construction Administrator 972-205-3560
Moran, Patty Streets Communications Specialist 972-205-2875
Oliver, Steve Director of Streets 972-205-3558
Patterson, Linda Department Representative II 972-205-3557
Perry, Travis Public Works Inspector II 972-205-3794
Pickett, Steve Street Construction Manager 972-205-3526
Pierson, Sam Street Safety Specialist 972-205-3754
Price, Gene Street Design Supervisor 972-205-3565
Ramirez, Mildred Department Coordinator II 972-205-3586
Sampson, Mark Street Construction Field Supervisor 972-205-3559
Sandoval, Sergio Street Construction Field Supervisor 972-205-3559
Santos, Lauro Street Construction Field Supervisor 972-205-3540
Thompson, Tommy Pavement Inspection Technician 972-205-3745
Tingey, Tye Senior Civil Engineer 972-205-3761
Tumulty, Tim Sr. Civil Engineer 972-205-3761
Turlington, Ellen Department Coordinator II 972-205-3567

50/50 Sidewalk, Curb/Gutter Participation Program